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To bring library resources closer to the users, the provost encouraged and supported the establishment of libraries in schools. The college library therefore swans into action and gradually established and upgraded four school libraries as follows:

School of General Education Library (Gidado Tahir Library). The college library upgraded this library and posted staff to manage the library.

  1. School for Secondary Education, Language Program (Prof Abdul-Mumin Sa’ad Library). This library was upgraded and organized for the school and also posted staff to manage the library.
  2. School for Secondary Education, Arts and Social Sciences. This school library was also established, organized and put to use. Staff of the college library also manages the library.
  3. School for Secondary Education, Sciences Program.
  4. This school like the other schools was also established, furnished and organized for use. Staff of the library posted to manage the library.


Maryam Ribadu
B.A. Ed. M.L.S
(College Librarian)


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