19991Construction of Computer Centre8856511.7
2Conversion of Old library Building & other Departmental Spaces to Staff Offices2205137.4
3Supply of Office Furniture4800000
4Supply of Hostel Furniture2000000
2000Construction of Vocational Education Office Complex8000000
2001Procurement of Furniture and Equipment16000000
2002 (Normal/Annual)1Procurement of Furniture for Multi purpose Hall 14114845.44
2Procurement of Computers & Accessories3739915.66
3Rehabilitation of Hostel Block 42145238.9
2002(SPECIAL)1Construction of Centre of Excellence for the teaching of Primary Science24420936.75
2V-SAT Equipment & Installations24693270
3Supply of Laboratory Chemicals3455987
4Supply of Books3987345.25
5Supply of Classroom & Office Furniture3596250
6Supply of Laboratory Furniture & Equipment2695334
7Professional Services5000000
20031Construction of Basket Ball, Volley Ball and Hockey Courts and fields for PHE Dept.7149045
2Supply of workshop Equipment for Home Economics Dept1500000
3Supply of Workshop Equipment for Business Education 1500000
2004/20051Construction of Home Economics Building23484844.7
2Supply of sports Equipment1258180
20061Supply of Furniture and Equipment for Home Economics 15977430
2Supply of Furniture for E-Library2000000
2007/2008 Merged (Normal/Annual Intervention)1Construction of School of Languages Complex (Block A) 53762766.2
2Supply of Furniture to new Education Complex 4605918.8
2009, 2010 and 20111Construction of Block B; School of Languages Complex50953570.5
(Normal/Annual Intervention)2Procurement of Teaching Aids and Equipment49925667.67
3Construction of Lecture Theatre II for Gidado Tahir Education Complex69487586.55
4Construction of Multi-Purpose Building for Ahmed Joda Vocational Education Complex69049786.05
5Procurement of Furniture and Equipment for New School of Languages Complex (Block A)9513000
2012/2013/20141Construction and furnishing of 1000 Capacity Auditorium213778537
2Supply and Installation of 523 Various Multimedia Digital Laboratory and Phonetic Equipment’s35597625
3Procurement of Brand New 2013 Toyota Coaster Bus 12810630
4Procurement of Brand New 2013 Toyota Hiace Bus 10027500
5Procurement of Brand New 2012 Mercedes-Benz MCV400 bus with 53 seat37692900
6Manufacture/ Supply of Office Furniture and Equipment for three lecture theatres and Education Complex phase II102368841.75
2013 SP Zonal Trustee Intervention1Construction of Directorate of Undergraduate Studies Complex230309368
2Supply of Furniture for new Directorate of Undergraduate Studies34001250
2013 SIP (Batch B)1Expansion and Upgrading of ICT Facilities (E - Library)230464746
2Re – Modelling and Upgrading of Academic Buildings and Facilities222642873
2013 SP (Batch A)1Rehabilitation of Food Laboratory Gymnasium and Home Economics Building67493116.51
2Procurement of Equipment for Home Economics and PHE Department26255865.99
3Supply of Pick up Van6251017.5
2013 SP (Batch B)1Supply and Installation of Street Lights, Borehole Solar Panels and UPVC Pipes for Water Reticulation67493116.51
2Procurement of Interactive Boards, Projectors and Furniture for Academic Staff26255865.99
2013 (Zonal Special) Intervention Remodeling & Upgrading of Academic Buildings & Facilities223437192
ProjecstUpgrading of E-libry Centre
2014 SIP (Batch A)1Construction of 500 Capacity New Information and Communication Technology, CBT Centre249142879
2Procurement of Computers for New ICT Centre49140000
3Procurement of Furniture for New ICT Centre37091250
4Procurement of Equipment for New ICT Centre45459000
5Procurement of Electrical Appliances for New ICT Centre36120000
6Procurement of Furniture for Workstations for New ICT centre41682845
7Procurement of Toyota Hilux Vehicle8250000
2013 SIP (Batch A)1Construction of Arts and Social Sciences Complex249947883
2Supply and Installation of Furniture Fittings for Arts and Social Science Complex
2015 SIPConstruction of Science Complex (Phase II) with External Works249945326.27
Renovation of Library Complex36342758.25
Procurement Of Chemistry And Biology Laboratory Equipment (Lot4)49057337.81
Procurement Of Physics And Mathematics Laboratory Equipment (Lot5)49320395.18
Supply and Installation of Furniture and equipment for Science Complex (Phase II)46200022.9
2016/2017/2018 Tetfund Normal Intervention ProjectsConstruction of Early Childhood Care and Primary Education Complex235332479.1
1Construction of Physical and Health Education Department242610464.25
2Construction of Technical Workshop for Teaching Aids54906265.7
3Supply of Tractors and Equipment43014000
4Supply of Toyota Hiaice Bus42273000
5Supply of 500kva Generator Set38566500
6Supply of 650Kva Generator Set48936541.5
2017/2018 Tetfund Project Maintenance Intervention Projects1Renovation and Landscaping of Vocational Education office Complex7949539.05
2Renovation and Landscaping of Centre of Excellence Building7960314.07
2017 Tetfund Zonal Intervention Projects1Construction of Toilets, Borehole and Water reticulation35212460.33
2Procurement of 18 Sitter Bus35385000
2018 Tetfund Zonal Intervention ProjectsRenovation and Expansion of Business Education Multimedia Lab. & Supply Of Furniture99,020,827:50
Tetfund Intervention in ICT Support Projects1Website Remodelling and Restructuring5,255,250:00
2International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Training13,644,000:00
2019 Tetfund Zonal Intervention Projects1Supply & Procurement of All In One Solar Powered Street Lights44,07,592:50
2Supply of General Furniture And Furnishing to Offices35373674.55