The Prof. Mustapha Abba Library has witnessed exponential growth in terms of books and journal titles, databases, library equipment and furniture to accommodate the increasing number of library users largely through the intervention and support of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETfund). The College Library has a total number of thirteen thousand four hundred and eighteen (13,418) books on different subject areas.

The TETfund Library Development Intervention for years 2014, 2015 and 2016 had been accessed and utilized, while approval to access years 2017, 2018 and 2019 has been granted and awaiting due process.
Details of the Library Development Intervention for the 2014/2015/2016 Merged TETfund Library Intervention provided by the Fund were:
Procurement and supply of assorted Textbooks for NCE Programmes :

  •  Procurement and supply of assorted Textbooks for Degree Programmes
  •  Procurement and supply of Assorted Journal Titles
  • Procurement, supply and installation of ICT Equipment/Database
  •  Procurement, supply and installation of Library Furniture

Apart from the Main Library, the College has put in place a state of the art E-Library, which is being expanded continuously to create more space, accommodate more computers workstation, users and resources.
The offline database known as e-granary was subscribed to further boost the functionality of the e-library.
The E-Library currently has a total number of one hundred and ninety-nine workstations was installed in the e-library for student and four (4) staff which gave more opportunities to increase online and local resources (Database).

A robust dedicated MTN internet solution was deployed direct from MTN which improved the entire library productivity and other extended areas within the college.

The E-Library subscribed and installed the following offline database.

  1. E granary Database
  2. The Electronic Essential Agricultural (TEEAL Database)
  3. KOHA – Library Automated System.

The online databases available which are constantly updated through subscription and accessed through the locally hosted library website that harmonized all the databases on the platform for user’s accessibility are:

  2. ProQUEST
  3. E-book Central
  4. Hinari
  5. Education Resources Information Centre (ERIC)
  6. Z-ebook Central
  7. Worldwide Science and lots more e-textbooks and e-journals
  8. Space file server (HP Proliant) DL35OPGEN-Virtual Server.

The e-library extension was created in main college library with a total number of fifty-two (52) workstations to facilitate access to e-resources.

We do not mean to sound immodest, but it is a statement of fact that the College E-Library has been adjudged as one of the few best in the entire North East sub-region, perhaps second only to that of the American University of Nigeria (AUN). The College E-Library has 255 Databases and none of the Federally owned Colleges of Education in the Country can compete with the College’s E-Library.


The printing and bindery unit of the college library was enriched with a bigger machine that prints different kinds of materials. The following are some of the machines that were added to the existing ones during the tenure of the provost.

  1. Kord 64 Printing machine
  2. Laminating machine (A1 size)
  3. Wire “O” manual machine
  4. Perforating machine
  5. 3 set of computers
  6. HP LaserJet enterprise P3015
  7. Scan jet 3110 flatbed photo scanner
  8. Laminating machine Az size
  9. Paper cutting knives polar standard 90°

The printing/bindery unit is now capable of printing lots of materials.